Client Reviews

Holistic Face Massage

Female – July 2019

“Susan offered me a wonderful holistic face massage, which came as a ‘gift from the Universe’, at the right time. Susan, through her kind and warm approach, managed to make me feel comfortable and at ease with the entire experience, especially since I don’t easily allow people into my ‘personal space’; she was able to create an environment of trust and relaxation that infused me, making me able to completely forget the space and time my body is anchored in. I can highly recommend this to anyone who wants to experience an oasis of tranquillity that allows you to unfold your vulnerable self and just be.”

Holistic Face Massage & Back and Shoulders Massage

Female – July 2019

“I’ve just had a holistic face & back massage and feel wonderfully relaxed.
Sue is incredible at this, and I felt like all points of tension were worked on which felt brilliant.
I would recommend to others who need a break from the world for a bit and their aches and pains eased.”

Reiki 1 Workshop and Attunement

3 Students – April 2019

1 – “Excellent course. I feel I’ve come a long way”

2 – “I’ve learned so much on this course, Susans’ knowledge and presence is so calm and she is so wise. Passing on her knowledge and the gift of giving Reiki to myself and others, has been so very wonderful. I have come away feeling calm, grounded and looking at life at a ‘compleatly different perspective’ ”

3 – “The Reiki 1 Attunement was very interesting and made me aware of how my life will change for the future and how I will be able to help others in a positive way. I would recommend Susan’s Reiki teaching and treatments 100%”


Female – April 2019

“I have had a number of Reiki sessions with Susan and can honestly say that these are the only times when I feel completely relaxed and at ease;  the sense of peace during and after the session is hard to explain. Susan is a very caring, sensitive person with so much knowledge and experience and is able to bring these attributes to help with any problems/questions put to her.  I am really looking forward to the Reiki 1 workshop that Susan is holding at the beginning of May and hope that I will be able to gain a small amount of knowledge to enable me to start living with Reiki as an important part of my life. Thank you Susan.”

Therapeutic Massage – Full Body Massage

Female – April 2019

“I had a full body massage. Susan is without doubt the best person to have given me a massage.  I came away totally relaxed with a feeling of wellbeing.  As someone who has used various establishments for massages, in the area over the last 30 years, I can honestly say that Susan has an outstanding gift.  I have re-booked her.”

Therapeutic Massage – Back, Shoulders and Neck Massage

Female – April 2019

“I’ve received a wonderfully relaxing neck and back massage and come away from it feeling relaxed and calm. The session was made up of friendly conversation, peaceful music before the massage so I was comfortable and relaxed to start with. I would definitely recommend her and go back for more.”


Female – January 2019

“I have had a few sessions of Reiki with Susan and each one has been a positive experience. I was comfortable and very relaxed the whole time and had a tremendous feeling of well-being being afterwards. I look forward to seeing her again.”

Counselling – Understanding Self and past issues/experiences

Female – January 2019

“Attending counselling with Susan has been fantastic. To be heard and seen without judgement has been wonderful. I feel I’ve been able to address issues that felt too painful to broach on my own. Susan holds a very kind and safe space. I can recommend her if you feel you’d like to give yourself time and space to be heard.”

Therapeutic Massage – Back and shoulders & Ear Candling

Female – January 2019

“Had another relaxing back massage with Susan today. I have been going for a few months now and I can certainly notice the difference, not only do I come away feeling relaxed and pain free but the reiki that Susan does also helps my mind to relax and relieve my stress; I always come away feeling like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders, so thank you Susan it’s great to actually find someone who can help you mentally and physically with your health …if you haven’t yet tried one of Susan’s treatments I would definitely book an appointment whilst you can still get a space for a massage, reiki, counselling or even ear candles, another fab treatment as recommended by my daughter and as Susan is based in the rock park you don’t even have to travel far… I can highly recommend Peaceful Soul Therapies from my own experience you won’t be disappointed”

Reiki Healing

Female – October 2018

“I had some Reiki a few weeks ago, and the change in my whole being is amazing. Susan was a pleasure to work with and gave me insights in to my journey too. Thank you Susan!”

Counselling – Depression following serious illness

Male, October 2018

“Counselling for me, gave me someone to be totally open with about my emotions – no pretending and no pretence. I was accepted and not judged. Thank you”

Therapeutic Massage – Back, Shoulders and Neck

Female – September 2018

“Just had the most amazing massage down the rock park with Susan Collins. She has ease my back. Feel much better from it. Feel like a new person. i feel like weight has been lifted. And she is reasonable prices as well. Highly recommend her. Thank you”

Counselling – Feeling stuck!

Female, July 2018

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my counselling journey with Susan! She is an empathic, understanding, peaceful soul who has supported me along my ups and downs! I believe she integrates her knowledge and experience in counselling, life and spirituality very well and her service is impeccable. I would highly recommend Susan!”

Reiki Healing

Male, July 2018

“I can thoroughly recommend Susan for Reiki Healing, she is a very gifted and genuine person”

Therapeutic Massage – Back, Shoulders and Neck

Male, aged 79, July 2018

“I’m a 79 year old man with a stiff neck, Shoulder and back. I had a massage last week to loosen up the muscles and it felt wonderful. I was able to get out of bed much easier and my walking has improved. Cannot wait for my next session. Anyone with a back problem, I can recommend this treatment, wonderful.”

Counselling – Anxiety and Grieving

Female, aged 52, May 2018

“I would recommend this amazing lady to anyone who needs help.

She has made it possible for me to face my fears and overcome them, and to question my thoughts, making it possible for me to move forward in my life.

A truly special person, thank you”

Counselling – Depression

Male, aged 20, November 2017

“To start with thank you very much for just listening to me and being that person who I can open up to about everything and making me feel at ease.You always made me feel welcome and comfortable at your home. I never felt like I was being a burden to you at all! It seems so much like its more than just a job to you. You are so dedicated to the person and that is always your sole focus.

You have changed my outlook on life totally, I couldn’t see it getting any better, ever! You have made me realise, it will get better and there is a future, which is something I would of never thought until I worked with you!

I can’t thank you enough for being able to make me feel like myself again, being strong and help build my self-esteem back up again. You’ve helped me with coping mechanisms to combat my anxiety and my allergies. I feel so much more at ease now in certain situations which I wouldn’t have been able to deal with before, I would just run from!

Thanks again Susan”

Counselling – Depression following relationship breakdown

Female, October 2017

“This lady is amazing, she has helped me so much while I have been at my lowest I can’t thank her enough. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with difficulties in their life, thank you so much Susan”

Counselling – Anxiety following ‘Nervous Breakdown

Male, aged 26, April 2017

“I wasn’t sure how talking would help but I feel like a new person. Can’t thank you enough for everything”

Therapeutic Massage – Back and Shoulders (Vehicle Mechanic)

Male, aged 40+, May 2016

“Very good experience. Did my back the world of good. Highly recommended”

Reiki  and Reiki Teaching

Female, aged 30+, April 2016

“I have received Reiki level 1 & 2 attunements from Susan & I can say I thoroughly enjoyed both experiences & gained an enormous amount of insight from each course.

The setting is wonderfully calming & relaxing & Susan is an inspiring & motivational person & delivers the attunement course with wisdom, understanding & humour.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Susan for your Reiki attunement &/or treatments”

Counselling – Depression

Male, aged 50+, March 2016

“Highly recommend. A very genuine and gifted lady. Thank you for your help”

Reiki and ‘Listening’ (This lady was the carer for an ill close relative)

Female, aged 50+, July 2015

“Sue is a lovely lady who has helped me learn to cope with the difficulties I face on a daily basis as carer to my husband.

I have had 2 sessions of Reiki healing with her, a wonderful relaxing experience & a journey of self realisation.

Cannot recommend her highly enough!”