I am thrilled to be bringing this gentle therapy back to the Complementary Health Centre within Rock Park & Spa, Llandrindod Wells.

Reiki is a gentle holistic healing art in the Japanese tradition. It allows a person the potential to enter into a deeply relaxed, almost meditative, state of consciousness that may assist in alleviating symptoms of stress and dis-comfort.

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary healing is:              “restoration to health” and is from the 13c. Old English word hæling…..this verb noun refers, in the figurative sense, to  “”…restoration of wholeness”  Ref: (, 04.02.2016; 17:13hrs)

Reiki meaning Universal (Rei) Energy (Ki) and is a holistic system of healing which may assist to set the conditions in which a person may feel more ‘restored’ or ‘in balance’; this in turn creates the basis for sensation of general ‘wellness’ and greater ease.

To restate, Reiki is not, and should not be thought of as, a cure. It is a gentle relaxation therapy which allows the  body to experience a sense of general well-being and return to balance.

Reiki teaching considers that each person has what might be referred to as four bodies; the physical body which we see; the mental body which we use to think; the emotional body through which we feel; and the spiritual body which surrounds us, some people refer to this as ‘aura’. During the session, Reiki is channelled through the therapists hands toward the client and then Reiki naturally flows to where its needed most; it is not directed by the therapist.

Sessions are guided by the client and the clients’ wishes, this is because the client is the most important person in the room. Your experience will be uniquely yours because every Reiki session is unique to the person at that time.

Each one hour session allows us to: talk about what is happening for you right now, for you to receive Reiki, and for us to discuss your experience of receiving….and of course to allow you time to absorb the sensations generated through receiving Reiki.

To book your relaxing Reiki session, call me on 07505133222