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If you are a fan of quality, organic personal health, wellness and beauty products, then you have arrived at exactly the right place. I’m a Consultant for Neal’s Yard Organic and their products ooze with quality and lusciousness……. Furthermore, because they are made with only the finest organic ingredients, a little goes a very long way.

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Recently I gave a ‘shout out’ for ‘Volunteer Product Samplers’, so for now maybe you’d like to take a look at the following Product Reviews:

Female aged 51,  Skin type: dry, sensitive.

Special notes: Dryness becomes worse at this time of year (end of winter) due to prolonged cold weather combined with central heating and can end up with small patches of flaking skin. Also prone to dermatitis which means that many products can be irritating.

Sensitive Replenish + Balance Moisturiser

I found this very gentle and soothing, quite light, non-fragranced, not oily. My skin laps it up. Not at all irritating to my dry skin areas. Skin feels immediately much softer and more hydrated. A small dry flaky patch has all but gone after 4 uses. I would buy this. I only tried it for 48 hours and felt it would definitely help over a longer period.

Sensitive Restore + Smooth Serum

This had an immediate firming effect, I personally didn’t particularly enjoy this but other people might. I have not previously used similar serums. It is non-fragranced, light and easily absorbed.

Wild Rose Beauty Balm

I absolutely LOVE this! I applied it at 9.30am and could still feel it protecting my skin when I went to bed at 10pm, despite having been outside in a cold, biting wind for most of the day. My very sensitive skin didn’t find it at all irritating. It provides wonderful, long-lasting, deep hydration. The gentle rose fragrance is divine. It does feel quite oily, so personally I wouldn’t want to apply makeup on top of it, but I don’t wear makeup anyway. While it may seem expensive, a tiny amount goes a very long way. Perfect as a lip balm too. I will definitely be buying this.

Frankincense Intense Age-Defying Cream

I wasn’t very keen on this one. I found it sticky and it didn’t absorb into my skin very well. However, I did notice it had had a firming effect which did in fact smooth out lines, so it may be worth sticking with it for a while.


Female aged 37, normal skin type.

Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisturiser.

I loved this product. It’s very light, makes my skin feel soft and hydrated, and it provides a nice base for make-up. And it smells lovely!

Rose Toner

This is one of my new favourite products! It leaves my skin feeling fresh & clean, and it’s very good for removing the last bits of make-up.

Wild Rose Rose Beauty Balm

I love this. It smells so lush! Being a balm, it’s very thick so I find that it takes longer to rub in and soak in than slapping on some lotion, but it smells and feels so luxurious. It’s a real treat for my skin.

Orange Flowers Shampoo & Conditioner

Gorgeous! These smell just like the “spa smell” that I’ve been searching for. They leave my hair soft and shiny and like I’ve just left the salon, even with lockdown hair! They’re very indulgent and a little bit pricier than my usual shampoo & conditioner, but definitely worth the money.

Reviving White Tea Eye Gel

I don’t normally use an eye gel but was happy to give this ago and could definitely see a difference. It makes my tired eyes look brighter and perkier and dries quickly so I can apply concealer straight on top, which is handy when I’m in a rush.


Female aged 41, Skin Type: ‘A Mess’ – combination.

Special notes: My skin has always been a nightmare and I generally don’t like using products on my skin as everything I’ve ever used has caused break outs which become inflamed, sore and itchy. I agreed to give these products a go and left a good length of time between each use to see if there would be any reaction.

Wild Rose Beauty Balm

This exfoliating balm left my skin feeling smooth and dry patches were cleared off. My skin felt lovely and fresh after use and there were no break outs

Frankincense Intense Age-Defying Cream & Age-Defying Eye Cream.

This left my skin feeling lovely and smooth. The smell is amazing, I loved using this. A little goes a very long way! And my skin did not react at all

Beauty Sleep Concentrate.

I put this on before bed and my skin felt amazing by morning. The smell is absolutely gorgeous and quite relaxing. Usually when using night cream my skin would be red and itching by morning but there was none of that with this . Again a little went a very long way.

Overall I was really impressed by these products and would use them again.


Female aged 39, Skin sensitive.

Special Notes: I don’t use any products on my skin as I usually come out in rash. But I was willing to gives Neal’s Yard Remedies a try.

Rehydrating Daily moisture Cream

Love the smell it was easy to apply but made my skin go red and sting for hour afterwards and felt greasy in places. But waking up my skin was smooth as a baby butt.

Rehydrating Rose Facial polish

I was little apprehensive about using a facial product as I usually come out in hives. But I used it just before bed. Easy to use woke up to a nice smooth face. I will be buying some more in the future.

Reviving white tea eye gel

Same as before easy to apply really help my eyes were looking tired had rings around them and it easy up the looking tired.

Beauty sleep Concentrate

I love this and the scent was so calming, and it made me want to sleep. It’s an amazing product to use and I will be ordering more. Highly recommended this.


Female aged 28, skin type: normal, I don’t suffer with dry skin or anything.

Special note: My first time using Neals Yard remedies, I’ve only ever used fragranced, branded products and have used the same ones for years. I try their new products’ but I never change, so trying these Neal’s Yard products was nice.

Sensitive restore + smooth serum.

Although it was fragrance free, I did like it, it just glided on my face.

Sensitive Replenish and Balance

I tried replenish and balance before bed and my skin was so smooth when I woke up.

Mothers Balm

My favourite product was the mother’s balm. I used it while pregnant and loved it really felt nice on my skin.

Baby Balm

I tried the organic baby balm on my 2year olds’ skin (I’ve only ever used dove baby bath and talc on her skin) and it was a good product for her.

Note: My daughter sometimes gets little rashes it’s not confirmed if it’s eczema, or little allergies, but it took the redness down which was brilliant.

Age Defying Moisturiser for Men

My boyfriend tried the moisturiser for men and for a man who doesn’t moisturise or anything like that (he’s a shower and go kind of guy), it did leave his face nice the day after.

I think these products are the way forward. I got a catalogue about the products, they’re all organic, vegan approved, cruelty free. In addition they help the environment because there is no plastic which is huge all these factors I loved reading through the catalogue too, so thank you very much.