Mindfulness has emerged from the eastern traditions for contemplation and meditation which can be seen within certain religious practices such as Buddhism. However, in and of itself Mindfulness is not a Religion.

Instead, Mindfulness is a route to being more fully aware of your thoughts and feelings. With this form of awareness comes the ability to more directly focus and direct your day-to-day life. It helps you to life in the Now.

During Mindfulness sessions and experiences, it is possible to purposefully bring awareness back to oneself, to notice without any judgement what is happening within the mind and body. To focus only on this moment in time, to experience what is often referred to as ‘Now’.

Mindfulness sessions involve relearning the ability to be mind-body aware. To notice ones’ thoughts and the effect they have on the emotional and physical body. Mindfulness allows you to harness your innate inner power for awareness and self-direction.

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