Ear Candling

Ear Candling is…….

…… a safe and effective way of softening ear wax build-up thereby relieving pressure between the sinuses and the ears.

Ear candles are used to promote healing, relieve stress and release blocked energy. Ear Candling is a soothing and relaxing experience which, in addition to softening wax, encourages the body to produce oils that aid the removal of foreign material from the ear. This is a process, which once stimulated, continues over the next few days; for example, during sleep, or whilst taking a shower, or when using a facecloth to wipe your ears.

There are various theories associated with Ear Candling.

One theory, for example, based on Chinese theory, says that candling does not remove ear wax, instead it removes dampness, resulting in feeling lighter and less congested.

Another theory says that the chimney effect may draw ear wax and impurities out of the ears.

Whilst there is no categorical answer as to which is correct, Ear Candling is a matter of personal choice. General experiences indicate that clients may feel more energetic, clearer thinking, have improved blood and lymph flow to the head, allowing more nutrients and oxygen to the brain.

What happens during therapy?

A professional ear candling session can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Your session will be approximately 30-45 minutes

Before your therapy begins you will be asked about your medical history and current symptoms. This consultation will determine your suitability for this therapy.

You will be laid in a comfortable position on a therapy bed. You will be offered a blanket in case you experience a temperature drop during your session.

I will check your inner ear for redness or infection with an Otoscope. If all is well, I will gently place a candle into your ear. Once lit, the candle burns for 10-15 minutes.

You may feel warmth, and possibly hear crackling and/or popping sounds as the candle burns, this is normal. I will gently massage around the ear during burn time.

The candle burns to halfway and if then extinguished, and then set aside.

The treatment is repeated on the other ear.

Following treatment, if you wish, I can open the remainder of the candle for you to view its contents.

Possible benefits of Ear Candling

  • Increased sense of smell and taste
  • Release of pressure in the airways between ear and nose
  • Balancing ear fluids and proper fluid circulation within the ears
  • Possible relief of catarrh, sinusitis, headaches, colds, etc.,
  • Feeling calm and relaxed

When candling is contra-indicated

There are situations when Ear Candling is not a suitable therapy. If so this will be highlighted during initial consultation.